For some reason or another, I always get just a little bit excited in the back of my head when I know that there’s a possibility for bad weather. Yesterday, the weather forecast was saying that something would be rolling in at some point during the day, and by late afternoon I could see some pretty heavy weather moving in from the south.

By the time I got home from work, there was a visible line of dark clouds moving over, so I went out and played with Elsa (TG had to take Zoey to the vet after she ripped a claw out, she ended up being fine) until the rain started coming down.

As it turned out, we got a little bit of rain, but not a whole lot in terms of really bad weather. There was a severe thunderstorm warning for awhile and a bit of wind, but nothing that sent us to the basement. Based on spring in Nebraska, though, I doubt this will be our last encounter with the green sky and storms.

Oncoming storm