GW - Bring It On I don’t remember if I saw the announcement on live television or whether it was some sort of a rebroadcast later on, but I vividly remember watching President George W. Bush sitting behind his desk in the oval office and announcing that we were going to war with Iraq three years ago.

Looking back through my old blog entries, March of 2003 was a busy time in my life. I was just getting ready to move into a new house and we in Marianas had just gotten our album back from the pressing plant and were preparing to play some shows. The actual night of March 19th, TG and I (and some friends) actually saw Godspeed You Black Emperor! in concert, which seems oddly fitting now that I think about it.

Today, Thinkprogress released a timeline of the last three years, and it’s interesting and sad to look back and see all the statements made that ring so falsely today. Of course, the big one that sticks out is this one:

[M]y fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.
President George W. Bush (May 1, 2003)

I was one of those people who was really frustrated by the 2000 election, but I was also someone who after 9/11 really tried my best to believe in the administration and hoped that they would do the right thing. Sadly, I’ve learned that I cannot trust them at all anymore. There have been so many lies upon coverups upon scandals upon lies that I simply can’t believe anything they say. Judging by current approval ratings, it seems that a majority of Americans actually think the same thing.

2317 Americans dead, 30,000 Iraqies dead, 250 billion dollars spent. I have no words…