Long before I actually really truthfully played the accordion as a member of the band Marianas, I was a moron in college who liked to sometimes pose for the camera. During my sophomore year of college, I lived on the floor of a dorm that was completely inhabited by other males, and as seems to be par for the course, several of them were into playing guitar.

One night, Mike (left), myself (middle), and Evan (right) all got together and formed an impromptu “band.” Of course, both Mike and Evan could actually play their respective guitars when they were plugged in, but for one moment, we posed like we were the most bad-ass finger-tapping, guitar-soloing, accordion-wheezing klezmer rock band around. Or something like that.

Actually, I just think the picture is kind of funny.

Mike, Aaron and Evan Rawk

(oh, and speaking of photos, thanks to Mouser for providing all these hilarious pictures of yore on a disc)