During my junior year of college, there was a lip-sync contest held by some student organization or another. When it was first announced, I didn’t give it much of a thought, but as the deadline approached, my roomate Mouser and I decided that we should go ahead and enter. Instead of rehearsing or trying to set up any sort of choreography, we just decided to pick up some weird clothes from the local thrift store and wing it from there. At the time, Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie Boys seemed to be a popular favorite, and given the outfits that we found, we figured that “Hey Ladies” would be the best choice.

In order to not completely blow our cover, we actually wore bulkier outfits comprised of sweatshirts and jeans over the top of our tight polyester pants and shirts. When our names were announced and it was time to go, we stripped down to the sweet duds and jumped up on stage. As mentioned above, we didn’t really rehearse for it, but I remember that our act involved a lot of finger-pointing, pelvic-thrusting, and exaggerated movements in general. When the song was over, we went zig-zagging through the crowd as “5 Piece Chicken Dinner” played and then stopped by the drink counter to rehydrate.

We ended up getting 2nd place.

Hey Ladies