blurry face I know that I have to be content with sleeping six or so hours a night, because when I start cutting closer to five for more than a couple days, my body really starts to not like me, especially when I’m coupling that shorter amount of sleep with lots of exercising. I don’t mind feeling a bit of an ache in my muscles, but an ache that turns into a complete body and mind drag is no fun.

I haven’t gone out and shot photos for fun in well over a year. I haven’t yet gotten back into video editing like I wanted to. I don’t work on music enough. I haven’t spent any time writing anything other than reviews or blog entries in a long time. There are hundreds of amazing books that I’ll never get around to reading. I haven’t sat down and done an ink drawing in years. There are tons of movies that I still want to watch at some point. It sure would be fun to get into woodworking.

Sometimes I think about things like that and I wish that I didn’t have to sleep at all. If I could just keep going and going, maybe I would have enough time to do some or all of the above things that just sort of sit on an unchecked list in the back of my head at all times. As it stands, I have to budget, budget, budget, when all I want to do is fill my head with new ideas while at the same time spilling out my own into various mediums.

Would I feel this same way if I’d lived 100 years ago? Would I be worried about having enough time to learn leatherworking, hunting, and better riding skills while trying to invent some sort of new devices? Is it a problem with me specifically? Am I just wanting to do too much when I should be focusing on and advancing my skills in a couple areas alone or are my symptoms a microcosm of the the oversaturated culture that I grew up in?

It’s times like these that I want to say something profound, but instead I just start dropping f-bombs and wondering where all my time went.

Fuck. It’s time for bed.