Song3 It’s been months since I’ve made any sort of mention about music on this site. As you may or may not recall (depending on how long you’ve been reading here), I was/am in a band called Marianas and last summer after releasing a 4 track EP, our beloved drummer Tom moved to Florida, forcing us to decide what to do next.

In true Generation X (or whatever one we fit into) form, we didn’t really do anything. We left our status up in the air and all just sort of focused on different things for awhile. Our bassist Malcom devoted more time to alternately making the world a better place and trying to find some time in his life to breathe between projects while Ryan started taking those previous band nights and using them to work on his own epic solo/collaborative project Rituale Romanum (of which I’ve heard early mixes and been amazed by). Meanwhile, Aaron G got a dog (and everyone who has a dog knows how much time that eats up, in a good way) and has been on the early front end of a couple different musical projects of his own (both solo and collaborative). Tom even mentioned teaming up with some people on a musical project in Florida, so while Marianas is not a band in a true form right now, it may turn out that the scattered seeds of the group end up adding up to something quite a bit larger than it was by itself.
Oh yeah, and since I last worked on things with the group, I picked up a new computer and taught myself a lot about some different programs, mixing, and hopefully music in general. At first, I just tinkered lots and lots without getting much of anywhere, but I’ve been working on several different things on my own and Ryan and I have met up on occasion, slowly pulling together little bits here and there for something that may or may not become a release of some sort down the road.

At any rate, I guess the inspiration for this post was hearing something that we’d been worked on that sounded really good to my ears and made me feel just a little more excited about things than I have been in awhile. It’s nothing that’s close to finished and it might not even be anything that ever sees the light of day, but if you’re a person who works on music or art of any kind, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It was one of those little moments that makes all the trudging and slower passages not seem like such a drag and at the same time gives you a slight kick in the ass towards something that will hopefully be a little more polished.

Stay tuned, and someday I’ll finish something again, I promise.