I think I wrote about it at some time in the past on the old site, but sometimes I get to feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the world. I rarely get depressed and stay depressed, but I often have daylong (or more) down periods that I have a really hard time shaking. Like a good little self-analyzer, I try to focus in on just what is bothering me, but most times it comes down to not much of anything (and actually, things are going pretty well for the most part) but a general concern that things are just not going right in this world.

Perhaps it’s been on my mind a little more lately because the weather here has been more than strange. January in Nebraska does not usually bring extended forecasts of 50 degree fahrenheit days (with some reaching nearly 70). With the massive blast of hurricanes and storms that hit the United States this last summer, I often feel like we’ve flat-out broken earth and there’s really no way of fixing them. As weird (and cheesy) as it sounds, I sometimes feel like the earth has been around long enough to deal with a lot worse than us humans, and we’ve finally pissed it off enough that it’s decided to start putting us back in our place.
So anyway, this post doesn’t really have much of a point other than to say that this weekend found me in one of those deep blue funks that I find it hard to escape from. I seem to get a brief moment of peace from my thoughts when I work out until I nearly collapse (according to the elliptical trainer I’ve burnt 1600 calories in two nights), so that’s at least one plus. I sometimes wonder whether I’m the only one that feels this way, and think that maybe I should just quit reading the news for awhile, then embrace the absurd and entertaining.

How do you get by, human?