As you can tell by the picture, everything around here is green right now. No color adjustment was needed. Our garden is just getting started, but I’m very, very excited about it this year. We’re trying lots of new things (including pumpkins and tomatillos) as well as the old familiar classics, so here’s hoping for fresh veggies in couple months time.

Elsa and Zoey in the grass

Because I’m all about keeping things fair on this blog between the dogs, I felt that I needed to post a picture of Elsa after giving Zoey some face time the other night. So, without further ado, I present a picture of Elsa sleeping on the loveseat after a really hard day of being a puppy.

Elsa sleeping

I made a quick mention of it in my last post, but Zoey had a bit of an accident while playing outside the other night with TG. Somehow, she caught one of her claws while running around the yard and managed to rip it clean out, making for a fair amount of blood and a trip to the vet.

After a couple days with a wrap on her foot (and antibiotics), Zoey seems to finally be getting back to normal, wanting to constantly play fetch and generally being more than a bit active. I caught her in a rare moment of repose this evening under the coffee table (her favorite place to hang out) and snapped a quick picture.

Zoey hanging out

Boston UniversityIn a rather roundabout way, I found out today that the mascot of Boston University is a Boston Terrier named Rhett. My first reaction was to laugh, because if there’s a dog breed that doesn’t exactly instill fear into someone, it’s a Boston Terrier. As you might be able to tell from different posts on this site, they’re somewhat crazy little dogs with a big personality (I think both Zoey and Elsa actually believe that they’re humans). To see them used as a college mascot and drawn in a playful, yet slightly menacing way cracked me up.

Needless to say, it’s now my goal to buy some sort of Boston University sportswear (must have mascot on it). So yeah, it’s a totally dumb reason to like a University, but I’m going to have to say that I’m definitely rooting for BU whenever I have the chance. Our dogs wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the course of the past couple days, approximately 14 inches of snow have dumped from the sky in Lincoln. Both TG and I have been home from work, and I’ve actually managed to get quite a few things done. I have to admit having a childlike fascination with large amounts of snow, though, and I’ve spend some time outside (not only scooping) just goofing around. Both the dogs love the snow and act rather crazy in it, so I decided to waste some time and whip together a video (click the photo below to load it up) of their antics. Good times…

Snow dogs

For more dog in the snow fun, check Aaron Elastique’s pictures from today.

Zoey was feeling a little bit left out that I’d posted a picture of her sister Elsa and not her, so here’s one of Zoey and I chilling earlier this week after playing outside in the sun.

Zoey and Me

Elsa Scamparelli

This is Elsa Scamparelli resting in her kennel after a long day of laying in the sun, chasing her squeaky toy, and jumping up on her favorite chair to bark at the world. It’s quite a rough life to lead.

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